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Potawatomi Off Road Park
Location:Fulton, MO
Links:Capital City Crawlers
Directions:Potawatomi is centrally located in Missouri just seven miles south of I-70 in Fulton. It is just east of Columbia.
Description: by David Killion

This 250 acre park is privately owned. It is open to ATV's. The park offers three motocross tracks, ATV trails and 4X4 trails. The 4X4 trails are maintained by the Capital City Crawlers club out of Jefferson City. There is a $5 per vehicle charge that helps maintain the park. There is also camping available for $5 a spot per night. Several motels are in the town of Fulton as well.

This area is a very friendly area that can be traversed by stock rigs. There are plenty of bypasses to get around some of the harder obstacles. The trails and obstacles run in and out of a creek bed. It goes up hill sides and up through draws. Another trail leads between two hills and winds itself into the man made rock challenge. Again, bypasses keep the stockers happy. There are many optional parts of the trails that are very challenging to even the "built" rigs. There are a wide variety of trails including creek bed trails, woods trails, hill climbs, mud pits, off-camber washouts, rock ledges, and a rock crawling course. Of course, it will be more difficult when it is wet. There are a couple of spots that are pretty narrow and will require some technical driving if you have a full size rig. Some of the trails include Creek Trail, The Wall, Bennie Hill, The Crack, Cedar Wash, Twister and Sunday Drive.

The park was originally opened for ATV's so there are plenty of trails for these. In the past couple of year they have opened other areas and trails specifically for 4X4's. The CCC's have done a great job developing trails and obstacles for all levels of 4X4's.

Mandatory Equipment: All vehicles must have a roll bar or factory steel hardtop and be equipped
with functioning seat belts (which must be worn on the trail). The number of passengers is limited to the number of available seatbelts in your rig.

Recommended Equipment: First Aid Kit, Drinking Water, Fire Extinguisher, Tow Hooks, Tow Strap, and C.B. Radio.


The park is open to the public year-round. Park hours are 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. The gate will
remain open around the clock, but vehicles must stay off the trails after 10:00 p.m. If there is no
one at the gate to take your money, please sign the wavier and place your money in the dropbox.