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Location:Rockport, IL
Links:Rockport Off Road Park
Directions:Rockport is located NW of St. Louis and is about a 3 ½ to 4 hour drive from KC.
Description: by David Killion

Rockport Off Road Park is owned by Tom and Debbie Wombles. Tom is the founding father of the Two Rivers Jeep Club that host about 1000 members. He has also been instrumental in many Jeep Jamborees in the Midwest. His families land has been turned into a 4 wheelers play area. There is now over 1600 acres that have dedicated areas for 4-wheel drive rigs, as well as bikes and quads. There is a $20 per day fee for a driver and 1 passenger. There is also a $5 fee for each additional passenger over 1. They have a set of rules and waivers.

Lodging is in Pittsfield that is 15 miles to the east or camping in Pleasantville that is 10 miles to the south.

The area has a nice entry building that has food, souvenirs, ongoing videos, pictures and a sign in desk. Rockport was the starting point of the 2004 Petersons Ultimate Adventure.

The trails are in the trees and hills. There are many hill climbs and creek draws covered with good ole midwest mud. There are off camber trails that will test your pucker power. Most of the trails are in the woods and draws. Tom's family is in the excavating business and has built an awesome rock course that covers about 6 draws behind the office. They have several rock crawling competitions each year. With Tom's accessibility to equipment, he moves the rocks for every competition to create extreme courses that is all brand new to the competitors. This area is open to the public between competitions.

Without aggressive mud tires, this park could be a lot of work. There are plenty of winch points on all of the trails. There is one mud hole that they say no one has driven through. Even those
with 44" swampers and big blocks. It is deep, dark and smelly. Rolling hills on river bluffs is about the best way I can describe the terrain. Oh, and a lot of fun.