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Roaring River State Park Off Road Trails
Location:Cassville, MO
Directions:The park is located 8 miles south of Cassville on highway 112.

Take 71 highway south out of Kansas City to 60 highway east to Granby and Monet (do not go on to I-44, just keep going south crossing under I-44).

When you get to Monet take highway 37 South all the way to Cassville. Turn left (East) on highway 76 (main street) into town.

When you get to highway 112 (by Hardee's Restaurant) go South 8 miles to the Park.

After you cross the river bear left on highway F and you will see the parking and picnic area on your left. This is the usual gathering place before leaving to go to the trails.
Description: by Mike Robertson

Nestled in the South West corner of Missouri in the Mark Twain National forest is Roaring River State Park.

The Park is known for its Trout fishing and hatchery as well as its beauty and abundance of walking trails. There are 187 camp sites ranging from the basics to water and electrical hook-ups. There is also lodging available at the Emory Melton motel and conference center. Other lodging is available along 112 highway north to Cassville and in Cassville itself.

How do I get to the trails?

There are three major trails that are normally taken, the adopted trail, the loop trail and the scenic drive trail.

The entrance to the adopted trail is located four miles east of highway 112 on highway 76 just after you enter the national forest. This trail is about six to seven miles long weaving in and out of the creek bed and up and down the surrounding hills. It is a great trail for those who are just starting their off-roading experiences, but is still a great thrill for the more experienced drivers. There is very little brush that might scratch your paint since this trail is routinely cleared. There are go arounds for those obstacles that you wish not to challenge. This is a beautiful drive in the spring and in the fall. About halfway through the trail there is a nice flat spot on top of a shale shelf that is perfect for a picnic or just a break. As you come to the end of the trail you will cross highway M to another spot to rest and take a break or eat lunch. This is also where the Loop trail starts.

The Loop trail is four miles south of highway 76 on M highway. This is also where the adopted trail ends or starts if you wish to take it backwards.

The Loop trail is about five to six miles in length and is a little more challenging than the adopted trail is. As its name indicates it makes a big loop through the forest. There is one area of ledges that is very challenging especially if it is wet. As in the adopted trail there are go arounds for the challenges you wish not to take. Unlike the adopted trail it is not kept as clear of the brush but still is not too bad. There is an area about two thirds of the way through the trail where there is a small pond that is ideal for a break spot. As you exit the trail you will cross the river and clean your tires off just before going through a big mud hole. If the river is up this can be rather exciting, or you can always go around.

The Scenic drive trail is located south of the park. You take highway 112 south up the long climb out of the park for approximately 3.2 miles to fire road FR-197. There you turn left and travel about 2.3 miles to trail number FR-1045 where you will once again turn left. You follow this until you get to trail 1045A on the right. This trail makes a big loop and comes out on the far end of FR-1045. The trail consists mostly of a series of small descending ledges. About half way through the trail you will encounter a lot of brush and low hanging tree branches. Since the remaining trail does not have many more obstacles you may choose to turn around and go back up the ledges. This is a moderate trail so most vehicles should be up to the challenge.

Remember to always wear your seat belt and never go without another vehicle.