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Disney, Oklahoma
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Disney, Oklahoma
Location:Disney, Oklahoma
Links:City of Disney
Extreme 4 Wheelin'
Directions:Disney (Langley) is located in NE Oklahoma, approximately an hour's drive from Tulsa.
Description: by David Killion

Disney, Oklahoma is located just south of Vinita and SW of Joplin about 45 miles. It is at the dam of Grand Lake of the Cherokees (Grand Lake). It is on the east side of the dam while Langley is on the west. This area used to be a big tourist spot, due to the old stern wheelers paddle boat known as the Cherokee Queen, was parked at the dam on the Langley side. Early in the 90's the Cherokee Queen moved it's operations to Grove on the NE side of the lake. Disney became a little sleepy town that now only caters to weekend fishermen and most recently 4 wheelers. It is about 230 miles from KC and takes about 3.5 hours.

There are a couple of motels and cabins in the area and several restaurants and cafes. Our favorite is Rogers Cabins that sits about 150 yards from the tail entrance. We also support Russ Hogan's campground which has trails leading right to the action. Russ is an avid off roader and works hard to help keep this area open for the whole country to enjoy. Russ is responsible for the annual clean up day. Other motels are in Vinita about 15 miles to the north. We usually meet at the park across from the Number 2 spillway of the east side of Disney at 8:30 to start the day. The areas we go wheeling are in the spillways and under the main dam on the lake. Through the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA) letting water out, the areas have been eaten down to bedrock and are excellent to do some serious rock crawling. The amazing thing about it is there is just about any difficulty of terrain that you want. This lends itself to everyone from totally stock to the most extremely built rig. There is no real trail in the spillways, but more of an open play area. Disney (Langley) is located in NE Oklahoma, approximately an hour's drive from Tulsa. There are three major spillways hosting some of the best and most extreme rock crawling in this area of the country. Traction is incredible, and carnage seems to follow. For those interested in more scenic fun, we have a half dozen trails leading through the woods below the dams. These range from casual zig zag thru the trees, to muddy swamps, to nasty loose hill climbs. Something for everyone can be found within a few miles of Disney.

The land is owned and operated by GRDA and with their blessing has become home to NE Oklahoma's premier wheelin' spot. Remember, you are playing in the flood zone from Grand Lake while in the spillways. On occasion, the GRDA will be letting out water which will have an impact on your plans in the spillways. They will blow a horn 30min before opening the gates. If flood conditions are possible, pay attention to activity around the dam. The horn will sound once, but may not sound again during the 30 min wait! If you just arrived and you don't see anyone on the rocks, wait a while or flag down a GRDA or Park Ranger and check first. Also, there is access to the trails if the gates are open. However, be aware you may find yourself driving down a steep hill into a flooded valley. If there is water flowing, take a walk down the hill before you commit. The water can flow at the rate of over 1 million gallons per minute and will sweep big trucks down the river like a box of matches.

When you get tired of the rocks, you can go back to the Ho Chi Men trail in the woods. This area goes back into the wooded area that has trails traversing along the ridges and up and down the hills leading up from the river valley. Several bottomless mud pits stay wet all year around as other areas dry up. Several draws going up the hills are very exciting as they are lined with hard rock littered with some loose gravel. Then you hit some dirt patches, then more ledges. A couple of off camber trails will get the old heart pumping as well.

Due to the great traction, this is a great place for one to learn their rigs ability and develop their driving and spotting skills. You can make it as hard or easy as you want to. But know that whatever you drive, you will have fun and create challenges for your particular level of wheeling.

Due to new "Homeland Security" measures, GRDA has asked that 4-wheel activity be limited in the spillways and the main dam areas. At this time they ask that no activity take place north of the electric line right-of-ways in these areas. You are still permitted in areas south of the right-of-ways. This line is clearly marked.